City of Austin Water Quality Data Review and Analysis

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The USGS and City of Austin have been working together on water-quality sampling and studies of surface-water and groundwater sites in the Austin area for many years.  A large variety of water-quality samples have been collected over a range of hydrologic conditions and submitted for numerous laboratory analyses.  Both agencies are interested in exploring existing data for potential insight on current interests such as nutrient transport, ecological health and riparian restoration, aquifer recharge, and shallow groundwater-surface water interaction.  

The USGS Texas Water Science Center (TXWSC) is performing a preliminary review and analysis of existing water-quality data collected by TXWSC for the Watershed Protection Department.  TXWSC is assessing:

  • Sites where and dates when water-quality samples were collected,
  • Laboratory analyses performed,
  • Concentrations over time of selected constituents, and
  • Comparisons to regulatory guidelines.

A data release of the exisiting data plus the review and analysis is planned.