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Dr. Christina Kellogg (SPCMSC Research Microbiologist) was invited to give a talk entitled “Microbial Ecology of Mesophotic Coral Reefs” at the 2018 Mesophotic Coral Reef Gordon Research Conference. The conference takes place June 17–22, 2018, at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.

Mesophotic Coral Reef Ecosystems (MCE) are unique and understudied ecosystems characterized as low-light adapted deep reef communities that occur from ~30–150m. These reefs represent a unique ecosystem and there is a critical need to address many questions regarding the structure and function of MCE communities in their own right, but also to include their ecological role in the resilience of shallow coral reef communities to environmental insults. The 2018 conference will attract experts from around the world, as well as students and post-doctoral researchers, to present new data and evaluate the evidence supporting the multiple factors controlling the structure and function of MCE communities worldwide.


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