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CMHRP Lidar Coordinator and FCMaP Co-Chair will co-host and present at the 2019 Panhandle of Florida Seafloor Mapping Prioritization Workshop 

Xan Fredericks, Lidar Coordinator for the Coastal and Marine Hazards and Resources Program and the USGS Co-Chair for the Florida Coastal Mapping Program, will co-host the 2019 Panhandle of Florida Seafloor Mapping Prioritization Workshop on Wednesday, August 28th in Pensacola, Florida. Additionally, she will be presenting "Using the Prioritization Tool: An Agency Perspective" during the

FCMaP is a Federal-State partnership with the goal of coordinating the collection of modern, high resolution data for all of Florida's coastal waters, from the shore to the shelf break, in the next decade. The primary target for the mapping effort is elevation information of the open-ocean coast (bathymetry and coastal topography) that supports numerous applications including infrastructure, navigation, benthic habitat mapping, restoration projects, resource management, emergency response, and coastal resiliency and hazards. FCMaP has collaborated with NOAA to develop a prioritization tool to get partner and stakeholder input on where, when, and why seafloor data are needed. 

Please see the Florida Coastal Mapping Program website to view a list of our collaborators.

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