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News coverage leads to a master’s degree collaboration with SPCMSC Research Microbiologist

S Gold, a student researching projects for a master’s degree at Western Carolina University, saw the news coverage last fall about the DEEP SEARCH research expedition to a large deep-sea coral area off the South Carolina coast and reached out to SPCMSC Research Microbiologist Christina Kellogg about doing a master’s project involving microbiology and these deep-sea corals. 

During this year’s follow-up DEEP SEARCH expedition, Dr. Kellogg inoculated several selective media made by Gold with slurry from deep-sea corals which will be used to culture and characterize coral-associated bacteria. Dr. Kellogg is a member of Gold’s master’s committee and will video conference into a meeting this week to approve Gold’s thesis proposal.

To view the original CNN video about the research cruise, follow this link: