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A manuscript describing the generation of this profile database was published along with a USGS data release that includes the latest available profile elevations derived from lidar, coordinates, and associated morphologic characteristics.

Graphic greyscale map of the eastern US coast with colored lines showing study sites
National coverage of the cross-shore profile locations across the Atlantic and the Gulf coasts of the United States. Circle position indicates location of profile and color indicates the year of the most recent lidar survey for that site. Data 2022, 7(7), 92;

This database was generated as inputs for the development of an operational meta-model to estimate magnitudes of coastal change hazards. The database of approximately 4,000 topo-bathy elevation profiles was derived from the most recent available lidar from the USGS, with certain morphologic characteristics extracted and calculated from the data for each profile. Beyond this need for model inputs, the database of cross-shore profiles and characteristic metrics could serve as a tool for coastal scientists to visualize and to analyze varying local, regional, and national variations in coastal morphology for varying types of studies and projects related to Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico sandy coastline environments.

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