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USGS SPCMSC hosts Shell Ocean Discovery Xprize Judges Summit

Dr. Christina Kellogg (SPCMSC Research Microbiologist) hosted the final 2-day Judges Summit at the USGS office in St. Petersburg during which the winners of the $7-million dollar Shell Ocean Discovery Xprize were chosen. Dr. Kellogg is one of the 7-member international judging panel that determined the top scoring teams.

Xprize is a global competition to advance deep-sea technologies for autonomous, fast, high-resolution ocean exploration. Access to the deep ocean has been limited by the physical challenges of this extreme environment, the high costs, limited technological advancements and lack of investment. The intention of the Shell Ocean Discovery Xprize is to accelerate innovation for the rapid and unmanned exploration of the uncharted deep sea; catalyze markets in deep ocean exploration and discovery; sustainable resource development and protection; and to ignite the public imagination.

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