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Family Pomacentridae includes the damselfishes and clownfishes. Damselfishes are one of the most abundant species spotted on coral reefs, and are popular aquarium fish due to their bright colors. Most damselfishes are tropical; however, a few species inhabit cooler temperate waters.

Non-native Fish Species from Family Pomacentridae Found in Florida Waters

Genus and Species Common Name Continent of Origin Population Status Florida Record
Acanthochromis polyacanthus spiny chromis damselfish Indo-Pacific Unknown Collection Info
Amphiprion ocellaris clown anemonefish Indo-Pacific Eradicated Collection Info
Dascyllus aruanus whitetail damselfish Indo-Pacific Unknown Collection Info
Dascyllus trimaculatus three spot damselfish Indo-Pacific Failed Collection Info
Neopomacentrus cyanomos regal demoiselle Indo-Pacific Established Collection Info