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WARC scientists are located throughout the Southeast and Caribbean. Our two main centers are located in Gainesville, Florida, and Lafayette, Louisiana. We also have scientists based in offices in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Davie, Florida; New Orleans, Louisiana; St. Petersburg, Florida; and St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.


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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Administrative Operations Assistant Carl Alexander 337-262-7028
Auto Worker Darrell Anders 337-593-5800
Scientist Emeritus Gordon Anderson 352-264-3487
Avian Ecologist Amanda Anderson 337-262-7676
Biologist Carson Arends 352-378-8181
Research Zoologist (Ecotoxicology) Timothy Bargar, Ph.D. 352-264-3520
Wildlife Biologist William Barichivich 352-264-3491
Scientist Emeritus Wylie Barrow, Jr., Ph.D. 337-262-7668
Ecologist Melissa M Baustian, Ph.D. (337) 266-8500
Biologist Caitlin Beaver 123-456-7890
Geographer Holly J Beck 352-264-3496
Scientist Emeritus Cathy Beck 352-264-3550
Ecologist Allison Benscoter 954-377-5964
Scientist Emeritus Amy Benson 352-264-3477
IT Specialist Janelda Biagas 337-593-5892
IT Specialist Timothy Boozer 352-264-3516
Biologist Jill R Bourque, Ph.D. 352-264-3527
Biologist Mary Brown 352-264-3534
IT Specialist Keith Bruggemann 352-264-3480
Biological Science Technician Susan Butler 352-264-3557
Fish Biologist Matt Cannister 352-264-3572
Ecologist Jacoby Carter, Ph.D. 337-262-7620
Biologist Daniel Catizone 352-378-8181
NAGT Intern Katelyn Chambliss
Center Management Officer Melissa Chavis-Charles 337-262-7004
Wildlife Biologist Michael Cherkiss 954-577-6405
Science Applications and Data Management Craig Conzelmann 337-262-7042
Center Director Lynn Copeland, PhD 225-337-3693
Geographer Brady Couvillion 337-593-5800
Ecologist Kari Cretini 337-593-5880
Research Ecologist James Patrick Cronin, Ph.D.
Biologist Andrew Crowder 954-236-1067
Help Desk Specialist 1 Chrissonja Curley
Ecologist Laura E D'Acunto, PhD 954-377-5863
Fishery Biologist Wesley Daniel, Ph.D. 352-264-3523
Fish Biologist Andre Daniels 954-262-3633
Geographer Richard Day 337-593-5857
Research Ecologist Don DeAngelis, Ph.D. 305-284-1690
Research Ecologist Amanda Demopoulos, Ph.D. 352-264-3490
Biologist Mathew Denton 352-261-3511
Ecologist Ada Diz 337-266-8500
Computer Scientist Lee Douet 337-593-5887
Scientist Emeritus Thomas Doyle, Ph.D. 337-266-8647
Geographer Jason Dugas 337-262-7083
Research Geographer Nicholas M Enwright, Ph.D. 337-262-7613
Branch Chief — Imperiled and Invasive Aquatic Species Deborah Epperson, Ph.D. 352-264-3515
Ecologist Laura C Feher 337-593-5882
Biologist Jason Ferrante , Ph.D. 352-264-3495
Geographer Michelle Fischer 337-593-5800
Ecologist Andrew From 337-593-5834
Scientist Emeritus Pam Fuller 352-264-3481
Ecologist Brad M Glorioso 337-262-7036
Research Ecologist James Grace, Ph.D. 337-298-1671
Geographer Brad Griffin 337-593-5800
Ecologist Jacquelyn Guzy, PhD 352-378-8181
Ecologist Caitlin Hackett 352-264-5934
Ecologist Saira Haider 954-377-5985
Scientist Emeritus Lawrence R Handley 337-298-1025
Research Ecologist Kristen Hart, Ph.D. 954-236-1067
Geographer Stephen B Hartley 337-593-5843
Scientist Emeritus Rebecca J Howard , Ph.D. 337-262-7639
Computer Scientist Christina B Hunnicutt 337-262-7044
Research Geneticist Margaret Hunter, Ph.D. 352-264-3484
Geographer Blaire Hutchison 337-593-5800
Biologist William Garrett Jenkins 352-264-3518
Research Microbiologist Jill Jenkins, Ph.D. 337-262-7607
Scientist Emeritus Fred Johnson, Ph.D. 352-264-3488
Research Biologist Nathan A Johnson, Ph.D. 352-264-3574
Statistician Darren Johnson, PhD 337-262-7675
Geographer William Royce Jones 337-266-8581
Wildlife Biologist Howard Kochman 352-264-3561
Biologist/Outreach Coordinator Kaitlin Kovacs 352-264-3554
Research Ecologist Ken Krauss, Ph.D. 337-262-7082
Physical Scientist Kathy Ladner 337-593-5800
Research Biologist Margaret Lamont, Ph.D. 352-264-3526
IT Specialist Kurt Magalis 352-264-3482
Supervisory Biologist Julien Martin, Ph.D. 240-354-2934
Research Ecologist Melinda Martinez, Ph.D. 337-593-5800
Biologist Marisa T Martinez, PhD
Biologist Jennifer McClain-Counts 352-264-3578
NAGT Biologist Penny McCowen 352-264-3490
Scientist Emeritus Karen McKee, Ph.D. 337-593-5800
Biologist Gaia Meigs-Friend 352-264-3562
Ecologist Sergio Merino 337-266-8500
Research Ecologist Beth A Middleton, Ph. D. 337-262-7618
Biologist Cayla Morningstar 352-264-3522
Biologist Rebecca Moss 337-266-8528
Fishery Biologist Matthew Neilson, Ph.D. 352-264-3519
Scientist Emeritus Leo Nico, Ph.D. 352-264-3501
IT Specialist Jonathan Nugent 337-266-8888
Research Ecologist Michael Johannes Osland, Ph.D. 337-262-7664
Ecologist Brett A Patton 337-266-8500
Supervisor Facility Operations Specialist Eric Pelletier 337-593-5807
Botanist Ian Pfingsten 352-264-3517
Ecologist Sarai Piazza 337-593-5800
Fish Biologist Melissa Price 352-264-3506
Fish Biologist Michael Randall 352-264-3521
Biologist Lori Randall 337-262-7665
Lead IT Specialist George Ravain 337-262-7688
Biologist Kristen Reaver 352-264-3528
Scientist Emeritus James Reid 352-264-3546
Biologist David Roche 954-377-5951
Scientist Emeritus Caroline Rogers, Ph.D. 340-690-6386
Research Ecologist Stephanie Romañach, Ph.D. 954-377-5921
Computer Scientist Cole Ruckstuhl 337-593-5842
Facilities Manager / Fish Biologist Shane Ruessler 352-264-3505
Scientist Emeritus Pamela J Schofield, Ph.D. 352-264-3530
Ecologist Donald Schoolmaster, Ph.D. 337-262-7085
Research Ecologist Daniel Slone, Ph.D. 352-264-3551
Research Ecologist Gregg Snedden, Ph.D. 337-593-5800
Research Ecologist Camille LaFosse Stagg, Ph.D. 337-593-5837
Computer Scientist Kevin Suir 337-262-7631
Scientist Emeritus Kenneth Sulak, Ph.D. 352-264-3500
Wildlife Biologist Amy Teague 352-264-3558
Electrician Stuart Thibodeaux 337-593-5800
Mail/File Clerk Fabian Trahan 337-593-5800
Biologist Rachel Villani 225-578-7488
Research Ecologist Hardin Waddle, Ph.D. 337-262-7671
Research Wildlife Biologist Susan Walls, Ph.D. 352-264-3507
Scientist Emeritus Stephen Walsh, Ph.D. 352-264-3512
Research Ecologist Hongqing Wang, Ph.D. 337-266-8500
Research Ecologist Eric J Ward, Ph.D. 337-593-5815
Judy Watson 954-377-5957
IT Specialist Erika Wheat 337-262-7658
Branch Chief -Supervisory Electronics Engineer Scott Wilson, Ph.D. 337-262-7644
Computer Engineer Wayne Wiltz 337-593-5800
CWPPRA Community Outreach & Media Specialist Kacie Wright 337-266-8626
Research Ecologist Simeon Yurek, Ph.D. 352-264-3476
Research Ecologist T.J. Zenzal, Ph.D. 337-262-7645