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Currently the Coupled-Ocean-Atmospherre-Wave-Sediment Transport Modeling System (COAWST) has 800 registered users from around the world. To advance the user community of the COAWST modeling system, the USGS has held trainings every two years since 2012. In general, the trainings provide both a hands-on tutorial of the system and fundamental information about the modeling components. Users from around the world trade case studies, techniques, tips, new features, and additional tools for COAWST. These trainings provide a great deal of value to COAWST users, and the USGS will continue to provide them to enhance the user community and the modeling system itself.

group photo of COAWST Modeling System training attendees

COAWST Modeling System training attendees at Hunt Library, North Carolina State University.

COAWST model training participant sitting at tables in conference room

COAWST Modeling System training

training room with tables and large screens. Participants sit at the tables.

COAWST Modeling System training