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The center is one of three centers serving the mission of the USGS Coastal and Marine Hazards and Resources Program—the primary Federal marine geology and physical science research program responsible for the Nation’s entire coastal and marine landscape. The center conducts scientific research in various locations throughout the United States to describe and understand the processes shaping coastal and marine ecosystems. The center’s research is used to make informed decisions about the use, management, and protection of our coastal resources.

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Date published: October 19, 2021

USGS Participation in the 2021 SACNAS National Diversity in STEM Digital Conference

Diversity within the science community is essential to solving the world’s scientific problems. Different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives help to maximize innovation and fill gaps in science that benefit our society. 

Date published: October 15, 2021

National Hispanic American Heritage Month

National Hispanic American Heritage Month, September 15 through October 15, was established to recognize the achievements and contributions of Hispanic American champions who have inspired others to achieve success. In honor of this special month, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) celebrated our scientists and staff of Hispanic descent and highlighted how their heritage plays a role in their...

Date published: October 7, 2021

USGS Leadership Participates in Virtual NOMEC Conversation Hosted by the UN Decade on the Ocean

What do you know about NOMEC? And why is NOMEC important?

NOMEC is the National Ocean Mapping, Exploring and Characterization program, a national effort focused on mapping the United States Excusive Economic Zone or EEZ.


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Year Published: 2022

Elevated levels of radiocarbon in methane dissolved in seawater reveal likely local contamination from nuclear powered vessels

Measurements of the natural radiocarbon content of methane (14C-CH4) dissolved in seawater and freshwater have been used to investigate sources and dynamics of methane. However, during investigations along the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic Ocean Margins of the United States, as well as in the North American Great Lakes, some samples revealed...

Joung, D.J.; Ruppel, Carolyn D.; Southon, J.; Kessler, John D.

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Year Published: 2021

Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center—2020 annual report

The 2020 annual report of the U.S. Geological Survey Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center highlights accomplishments of 2020, includes a list of 2020 publications, and summarizes the work of the center, as well as the work of each of its science groups. This product allows readers to gain a general understanding of the focus areas of the...

Ernst, Sara
Ernst, S., 2021, Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center—2020 annual report: U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1487, 36 p., https://doi.org/10.3133/cir1487.

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Year Published: 2021

Labeling poststorm coastal imagery for machine learning: Measurement of interrater agreement

Classifying images using supervised machine learning (ML) relies on labeled training data—classes or text descriptions, for example, associated with each image. Data-driven models are only as good as the data used for training, and this points to the importance of high-quality labeled data for developing a ML model that has predictive skill....

Goldstein, Evan B.; Buscombe, Daniel D.; Lazarus, Eli D.; Mohanty, Somya; Rafique, Shah N.; Anarde, K A; Ashton, Andrew D; Beuzen, Tomas; Castagno, Katherine A.; Cohn, Nicholas; Conlin, Matthew P.; Ellenson, Ashley; Gillen, Megan; Hovenga, Paige A.; Over, Jin-Si R.; Palermo, Rose V.; Ratlif, Katherine; Reeves, Ian R; Sanborn, Lily H.; Straub, Jessamin A.; Taylor, Luke A.; Wallace, Elizabeth J.; Warrick, Jonathan; Wernette, Phillipe Alan; Williams, Hannah E