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Mendenhall Research Fellowship

Mendenhall Research Fellowship

The Mendenhall Research Fellowship Program provides Fellows research experiences that enhance their scientific stature and credentials.  Announcements for Round 19 coming early fall 2020

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The Center is part of the USGS Coastal/Marine Hazards and Resources Program, which is the primary federal marine geology and physical science research program. The Center's staff of 100 provides scientific information that contributes to decisions by other federal agencies, state and local entities, private organizations, industry, and the public about hazards, resource use, and protection. The USGS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.




2021 Employment Opportunities

Position Group Description Application Status Apply Here
Technical Information Specialist Information Group Develops and maintains data library operations for cataloging and preserving scientific data and other records. Catalogs, organizes, and preserves data and associated research records, in both analog and digital forms. Serves as a database manager for electronic records. Ensures that data in the data library can be discovered, accessed, and re-used. Works with scientific staff to determine long-term scientific value of records. Ensures compliance with the requirements of Federal records management for the scientific records in the custody of the data library. Application accepted from 10/5/21- 10/19/21 Apply Here
USGS Mendenhall Research Fellowship Program Dynamic likelihood forecasts for coastal wetland landscapes We seek a postdoctoral fellow to develop or improve models and evaluation frameworks that can robustly forecast coastal eco-morphologic landscape response to sea-level rise. A successful proposal will develop new approaches to data-model integration that are critical for coastal wetland habitats in the context of sea-level rise and management decisions.