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Commercial Imagery Available Through the USGS/EROS

Implementing the U.S. Commercial Remote Sensing Space Policy (CRSSP)

Existing commercial imagery available to U.S. Federal government users can be found on EarthExplorer or by contacting customer services.

For additional information on commercial imagery, please visit Commercial Data Purchases (CDP) Imagery.

Graphics shown below valid as of 6/20/2012.

Map showing coverage for AWiFS
Map showing coverage for USA AWiFS Coverage.(Public domain.)
Map showing GeoEye - 1 coverage
Map showing GeoEye - 1 coverage(Public domain.)
Map showing iKonos coverage
Map showing iKonos coverage(Public domain.)
Map showing Quickbird coverage
Map showing Quickbird coverage(Public domain.)
Map showing WorldView coverage
Map showing Worldview coverage(Public domain.)