Great Lakes Geologic Mapping Coalition (GLGMC)

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The Great Lakes Geologic Mapping Coalition (GLGMC) advances the understanding of the three-dimensional distribution of the glacial, periglacial, and proglacial deposits that overlie the bedrock of the glaciated Midwest. It recognizes the fact that several continental glaciations of the last million years have profoundly affected the geology and the natural environment of all eight member States (IL, IN, MI, OH, MN, NY, PA, WI), thereby establishing a commonality of interests among the geological surveys and citizens of these States. In addition, the region has a commonality of demographics, “rust-belt” industry, heavy agriculture, and the Great Lakes.  Reaching a fuller understanding of the three-dimensional framework of the glacial sediment of the region is needed to provide regional and National policy makers with the earth-science information required to make wise decisions regarding urban and agricultural land use, the protection of aquifers, and the environmental well-being of the citizens of this geologically unique region.

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    The Central Great Lakes Geologic Mapping Coalition was formed on December 17, 1998, as a collaboration between the Illinois State Geological Survey, Indiana Geological Survey, Michigan Geological Survey, Ohio Division of Geological Survey, and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The Coalition’s mission is to cooperate in joint geologic mapping investigations and related scientific and technical exchanges concerning the earth sciences (including geology, geochemistry, geochronology, geophysics, geotechnical and geological engineering and collateral investigations) and technical topics of mutual interest. In January 2009, the Coalition was expanded to include the Minnesota Geological Survey, New York State Geological Survey, Pennsylvania Geologic Survey, and the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey. At that time, the organization’s name was changed to the Great Lakes Geologic Mapping Coalition. In 2012, the GLGMC added the Ontario Geological Survey as a non-funded member.