NGP Standards and Specifications

Elevation Specifications Review Board

The 3DEP Elevation Specifications Review Board (ESRB) is responsible for updates to specifications and requirements for elevation products used in The National Map. 

The ESRB includes members from groups within the National Geospatial Program which have responsibilities related to elevation products. Such producs include the 1-m layer based on lidar data, 5-m in Alaska based on interferometric SAR (ifsar), and 1/3-arc-second, 1-arc-second, and 2-arc-second resolution layers. The board meets montly or more often as necessary to discuss and review updates to the Lidar Base Specification. Once the board approves an update, the 3DEP Working Group reviews and votes on the update. If approved, the update is incorporated into the next release of the specification. If denied, the ESRB has an opportunity to modify to proposed update to address any concerns the 3DEP WG members may have or withdraw the update from consideration. Proposal for changes and updates to the Lidar Base Specification are made by the board members or through the 3DEP Working Group members. Updated versions of the elevation specifications are then made available through the USGS Specifications Explorer (Spec-X) database and website. Please note that Spec-X is still in a Beta version and will have updates to content and capabilities. 

This new review and approval process significantly decreases the amount of time necessary to adapt the specifications and collection requirements to changes in technology or needs. 

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