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DevOpp's Geography Quiz February 2024

Awhile back, TNMCorps volunteer DevOpp reached out to pitch the idea of a geography quiz for our newsletter. While not specifically structures-related, we agreed that it would be a fun way for the TNMCorps community to test their general knowledge of US geography!

1. Which of the following rivers flows through Albany, New York? 
A: Hudson River 
B: Connecticut River 
C: Delaware River 
D: Ohio River 

2. Which of the following cities is located along the Gulf of Mexico? 
A: El Paso, TX 
B: Waco, TX 
C: Fort Worth, TX 
D: Corpus Christi, TX 

3. Craters of the Moon National Monument is located in which of the following states? 
A: Montana 
B: Idaho 
C: Nevada 
D: Utah 

4. Lake Itasca, the source of the Mississippi River, is located in which state? 
A: Minnesota 
B: Iowa 
C: Missouri 
D: Illinois 

5. Lake Champlain is shared between New York and which bordering state? 
A: Pennsylvania 
B: Vermont 
C: Massachusetts 
D: Connecticut 

6. Bethany Beach and Rehoboth Beach are located in which state? 
A: North Carolina 
B: Virginia 
C: Maryland 
D: Delaware 

7. Which of the following cities does not border the Long Island Sound? 
A: Stamford, CT 
B: Bridgeport, CT 
C: New Haven, CT 
D: Hartford, CT 

8. Indiana borders which Great Lake? 
A: Lake Superior 
B: Lake Huron 
C: Lake Michigan 
D: Lake Erie


9. Which of the following is the highest peak east of the Mississippi River? 
A: Mount Mitchell, NC 
B: Mount Rogers, VA 
C: Mount Davis, PA 
D: Mount Marcy, NY


10. Which of the following state capitals has the highest elevation? 
A: Cheyenne, WY 
B: Denver, CO 
C: Santa Fe, NM 
D: Austin, TX