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DevOpp's Geography Quiz January 2023

Awhile back, TNMCorps volunteer DevOpp reached out to pitch the idea of a geography quiz for our newsletter. While not specifically structures-related, we agreed that it would be a fun way for the TNMCorps community to test their general knowledge of US geography! We hope you enjoy this slight diversion from our usual content!

1. Mount Mitchell, the highest point east of the Mississippi River, is located in which state?

A: New York 

B: Pennsylvania

C: North Carolina

D: Virginia 

2. Which of the following cities is located on the Gulf of Mexico?

A: Huntsville, AL

B: Mobile, AL 

C: Montgomery, AL 

D: Birmingham, AL 

3. Which of the following is the most populous city on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula? 

A: Houghton 

B: Covington 

C: Menominee 

D: Marquette 

4. Which of the following is the nation's largest state capital city by land area?

A: Honolulu, HI

B: Austin, TX

C: Atlanta, GA

D: Juneau, AK 

5. The majority of the Navajo Nation is located in which state? 

A: New Mexico 

B: Arizona

C: Utah 

D: Colorado 

6. Which of the following states has the fewest counties? 

A: Maryland 

B: Delaware 

C: New Jersey 

D: Hawaii 

7. Which of the following is the largest island in Alaska?

A: Unalaska

B: Kodiak

C: Kuiu 

D: Nelson

8. Located in International Falls, which of the following is Minnesota’s only national park? 

A: Voyageurs National Park

B: Acadia National Park 

C: Badlands National Park 

D: Hot Springs National Park 

9. Which of the following rivers flows through Philadelphia? 

A: Schuylkill River 

B: Ohio River

C: Potomac River 

D: Hudson River 

10. The Mark Twain Museum is located in which Missouri city? 

A: Saint Louis 

B: Kansas City 

C: Columbia 

D: Hannibal