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November 16, 2021

Summary statistics are now available for this challenge. Thanks again to everyone who contributed!

Overall, 7 volunteers participated and edited 303 unique points throughout the challenge.

TNMCorps Mapping Challenge: City/Town Halls in TX 11/10/21
A map of all the city/town halls in Texas that volunteers edited during this challenge. 

Here is a summary of edits by user role along with a timelapse of those edits:   

  • Standard Editor: 9 
  • Peer Reviewer: 0 
  • Advanced Editor: 310
TNMCorps Mapping Challenge: Timelapse of City/Town Halls in TX
TNMCorps Mapping Challenge: Timelapse of City/Town Halls in TX
















Many thanks to our volunteers* who contributed!  

  1. Chenenator 
  2. Genovt*** 
  3. geo163  
  4. Jason Millett 
  5. McLarty 
  6. Trmosher*** 

***A special shout-out to genovt and trmosher! This is genovt’s 10th mapping challenge, and trmosher’s 35th challenge! Thanks for helping to update The National Map! 

*This list only includes participants who have given consent to publish their username. Did you participate but don't see your username? Check your profile dashboard to make sure you've given consent for us to list your username.


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