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TNMCorps Structure: Trailhead

Trailhead: The place at which a trail begins.


The Guidelines define Trailhead as follows:

The place at which a trail begins.

  • INDICATORS: Marked by a sign or information board; might be located near outhouses.

INCLUDES: Sites on non-federal public lands, i.e. state, county, local parks, and recreation sites

DOES NOT INCLUDE: Trailheads without signs, unauthorized trails, private trails, trailheads located on federal lands managed by U.S. Fish and Wildlife, National Park Service, National Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management.


What is a Trailhead?

A Trailhead is defined as a place where a trail begins. 


Where can I find authoritative lists of Trailheads?

Trailhead information can often times be found on municipal, county, or state sites. State, county and municipal tourism websites can also have some trail and trailhead information that is considered authoritative.

Check out our Authoritative Sources List for more on the types of sources that are acceptable.  


What address should be given for Trailheads?

Since trailheads do not have an address, it is okay to include the closest road name or to leave the address field blank.