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Volunteer Bio: chickpea7

Congratulations to TNMCorps volunteer chickpea7, who recently became one of the newest members of the Theodolite Assemblage with over 2000 points submitted!    

When TNMCorps volunteers earn the Theodolite Assemblage badge, we reach out asking if they’d like to be featured in the upcoming newsletter, and fortunately volunteer CarolinaBunting was willing to share a bit about himself and why he enjoys volunteering with The National Map Corps. We love getting to know more about our volunteers and hope you do too!  


"Hi, everyone! My name is Amanda, and I have been volunteering with The National Map Corps since last year. I happened to stumble upon it online and I have been hooked ever since! Although I work in a different field, geography has always been an interest of mine, and I appreciate being able to contribute to the USGS’s efforts in this way. I am always learning new things when editing the map. For example, I enjoyed working on the Puerto Rico ambulance challenge, even though I don’t know Spanish! It was a great way for me to discover how street addresses are formatted there. Volunteering with The National Map Corps not only allows me to explore towns I have never heard of; I also learn about history through editing cemeteries. Aside from volunteering here, some other hobbies of mine include reading, crafting, and board games. I am glad to have reached 2,000 points on the map, and I look forward to editing many more!" 

Image of TNMCorps volunteer chickpea7 in the woods standing near a river
Image of The National Map Corps volunteer chickpea7 wearing glasses in the woods standing near a river.