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Aeolian mass flux, rangeland monitoring site, and unpaved road reach data

August 28, 2018

These data were compiled for monitoring and analyzing the amount of windblown (aeolian) sediment at 100 cm height near Moab, UT. Big Springs Number Eight (BSNE) field aeolian passive sediment traps are summarized by location and time period in shapefiles. Shapefiles also include attributes used to analyze patterns in the aeolian transport. Three different BSNE shapefiles represent 1) a network of BSNEs in a variety of rangelands, 2) BSNEs along downwind edges of unpaved roads where they run perpendicular to the dominant wind direction, and 3) long term BSNE sites used to test imporance of climate trends on aeolian transport. Also included in this data archive are raster files that were created from the BSNE data using statistical modeling approaches. These rasters represent predicted windblown sediment horizontal mass flux over the spring 2013 to spring 2015 time period.