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Associated files for USGS Data Series 2017-1068 on vulnerable transportation and utility assets near actively migrating streams in Indiana

September 21, 2017

An investigation was completed by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs that found 1,132 transportation and utility assets in Indiana are vulnerable to fluvial erosion hazards due to close proximity to actively migrating streams. Locations of transportation assets (bridges, roadways, and railroad lines) and selected utility assets (high-capacity overhead power-transmission lines, underground pipelines, water treatment facilities, and in-channel dams) were determined using aerial imagery hosted by the Google Earth platform. Identified assets were aggregated by stream reach, county, and class. The contents of this data release include (1) a comma-delimited text file summarizing the findings of that investigation, and (2) a polyline shapefile of the investigated stream reaches, which have been attributed with the channel migration rates documented in Robinson (2013a). Together, these products are intended to help stakeholders and others identify high-risk areas where transportation and utility assets may be threatened by fluvial erosion hazards.