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Borehole Erosion Test data, Lower American and Sacramento Rivers, California, 2019 (ver. 3.0, July 2020)

August 10, 2021

Borehole erosion tests were performed to quantify sediment erosion rates as a function of depth below grade and flow speed at locations along the Sacramento and American Rivers in 2019. The dataset consists of: - borehole caliper files describing the initial geometry of the borehole, and its shape after each test flow event, - where available, a digital time series describing discharge into the hole - where available, a digital time series describing water level in the water supply tank - log sheets with details such as test location, date, and personnel - digital log sheets in .pdf format include field-based and laboratory-based soil classification data, see "Drilling log file explanation.txt" for explanation of fields in log sheets. The data have been interpreted to describe erosion rate as a function of location, depth, and flow speed. Ref: Briaud, J.-L., Chedid, M., Chen, H.-C., and Shidlovskaya, A., 2017. Borehole Erosion Test. J. Geotech. Geoenviron. Eng., American Society of Civil Engineers, 143(8): 04017037.

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