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Buffalo National River Floating Conditions - Arkansas

This interactive map visualizes real-time hydrographic data for the Buffalo National River, Arkansas. Streamflow gauges and monitoring stations feed the map, providing valuable insights into current conditions. It leverages real-time hydrographic data, essentially acting as a digital interpreter of the river's ever-shifting flow. The map employs a color-coded legend that translates complex water velocity and discharge measurements into a user-friendly visual representation.

Beyond the water itself, the map serves as a spatial reference tool for researchers and park managers. It overlays data on camping zones, picnic areas, boat launch locations, and designated trails. This allows for the analysis of visitor use patterns in relation to the river's ecosystem. It fosters scientific exploration of the Buffalo National River, offering a valuable resource for researchers, park managers, and anyone with a keen interest in understanding the complex interplay between water, geology, and ecology within this unique ecosystem.

Publication Year 2017
Title Buffalo National River Floating Conditions - Arkansas
Product Type Real-time Data
Record Source USGS Digital Object Identifier Catalog