Barry T Jackson

   University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff  (1997-2001) , * Bachelor Science Degree in Computer Science (Math minor)

   University of Arkansas at Little Rock - Baccalaureate Program (2002-2003) 


Operating Systems:   UNIX, MSDOS, All Windows environments since 3.1 – Present, NT 4.0, 3.1,

Programming Languages:  C, C++, SQL, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, Java, COBOL, Basic, GW Basic, Tiny Basic, Visual Basic, Python, and IBM Assembly, HTML (Web Design)

Database Developments: Informix, Mysql, Postgres, Access, Oracle

Software Support: MS Office (Excel, Access, Word), AutoCad Graphics, ArcGIS, GoogleMaps)

-Advises the supervisor on the suitability of computer technology to a wide range of scientific and administrative activities.

-Analyzes scientific and administrative activities to design application software.

-Writes and modifies complex application software for solution of scientific and administrative problems using high level programming languages and procedural language interface capabilities of various database management systems.

-Advises and instructs professional and technical staff who require assistance in programming or use of computer equipment, software, or databases.

-Installs, tests, and maintains software procured from commercial and other government sources.

-Works closely with computer specialists and project chiefs to identify and eliminate program errors, to modify computer operational procedures, and to provide computer output in the desired format.

-Independently writes and tests computer programs requested by hydrologists and administrative personnel.  

-Works from instructions from users in conjunction with knowledge of data files and computer specifications to determine program design.

-Prepares documentation for computer programs to describe the functions performed, including flow charts and narrative descriptions of program functions, input, output, and record formats.

-Assists the Site Administrator in the maintenance and handling of the user registration database.

Manipulation of GIS datasets on the web using various software packages and programming languages.

Wateruse Program Development since 1999, the most comprehensive water-use program in the national recognized by the academy of water science. 

Worked with several database packages; Informix, mysql, access, postgres, access, oracle.