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Barry T Jackson

Barry Jackson is an IT Specialist for the USGS, Software Design, working primary in Little Rock, Arkansas field office.

Barry Jackson's career with the USGS began in 1999, where he interned and transitioned to a permanent position in 2001. Since then, he has established himself as a multifaceted technology expert, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to water resource management.

His expertise spans across various programming languages (from old mainstays like GW Basic and COBOL to modern powerhouses like Python and Java), database management systems (including industry leaders like Informix, Oracle, and MySQL), and operating systems (from DOS to the latest versions of Linux and Windows). This proficiency allows him to develop and maintain complex software applications that address scientific and administrative needs within the USGS. He is also adept at manipulating geospatial data using various software packages and programming languages. His dedication extends to comprehensive documentation, ensuring the functionality and maintainability of his creations.

Throughout his career, Barry has played a pivotal role in developing the most comprehensive water-use program in the nation, recognized by the Academy of Water Sciences. His collaborative spirit and willingness to instruct colleagues further solidify his value as a cornerstone of the USGS's technological foundation.