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Data from 2018 Experiment on Effects of Temperature on Survival and Growth of Juvenile Lost River Suckers (Deltistes luxatus) naturally exposed to Ichthyobodo spp

February 4, 2021

Data included in this data set are for an experiment conducted in 2018. Data were collected on survival, growth, food consumption, and Ichthyobodo copy numbers of Lost River suckers exposed to five different temperature groups. There are five levels of data. Temperature data contains 1,178 records and the data file is 35 KB, survival data contains 150 records and the data file is 3 KB, food consumption data contains 499 records and the data file is 10 KB, growth data contains 601 records and the data file is 11 KB, Ichthyobodo data contains 39 records and the data file is 2 KB. The data files can be linked on Group and/or Tank which are unique to each temperature group or individual aquarium tank. Data files are Text files that are Tab delimited.