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Data acquired in laboratory experiments conducted with the stonefly Zapada sp. and the ephemerellid mayflies Drunella sp. and Ephemerella tibialis to characterize uptake and surface adsorption after short aqueous exposures to uranium, 2017-2019

December 16, 2021

Little is known about the underlying mechanisms governing uranium (U) bioaccumulation in aquatic insects, especially the influence of surface adsorption on the measured U concentrations (Henry et al. 2020). U.S. Geological Survey scientists are conducting experiments to parameterize conditional rate constants for aqueous U uptake and to quantify desorption of weakly bound U from insect's integument.

Henry, Brianna L., Marie-Noële Croteau, David M. Walters, Janet L. Miller, Daniel J. Cain, and Christopher C. Fuller. Uranium bioaccumulation dynamics in the mayfly Neocloeon triangulifer and application to site-specific prediction. Environmental Science & Technology 54, no. 18 (2020): 11313-11321.