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Data from debris-flow run-up experiments conducted in June, 1994, and May, 1997, at the USGS Debris-flow Flume, HJ Andrews Experimental Forest, Blue River, Oregon

October 28, 2016

The data files consist of four .csv files, with one file for each of four experiment dates (1994_06_21, 1994_06_23, 1997_05_20, and 1997_05_22). Each file contains multiple columns of data, with each column representing either a time measurement or the value of a physical quantity (flow depth, h, flow speed, u, or run-up height, H) measured at that time. Detailed descriptions of column headings are provided below. The .csv files are easily imported into Microsoft Excel as well as a wide variety of other programs. The data are unclassified and no legal restrictions pertain to their use.

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