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Data on the Deliverables, Sustainability, and Collaboration of Community for Data Integration Projects from 2010-2016

October 29, 2019

These four tables document the data used to draw the findings in the manuscript "Measuring sustainability of seed-funded Earth science informatics projects," by Hsu et al. Table 1, "ListProjects-data" lists the projects funded by the Community for Data Integration from 2010-2016. Table 2, "Outputs-data" lists the deliverables that were proposed and delivered to the Community for Data Integration from 2010-2016, and notes if they were still accessible or sustained at the time of this study (December 2018). Table 3, "Influences-and-Sustainabiltiy-data" lists the projects and the sustainability influences examined in this study, as well as if the project achieved individual-level or organizational-level sustainability. Table 4, "Collaborations-data" lists each project and the number of project personnel associated with different organizations.