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Data for P- and S-wave Seismic Velocity Models Incorporating the Cascadia Subduction Zone for 3D Earthquake Ground Motion simulations- Update for Open-File Report 2007-1348

June 25, 2018

The data for this release is an ASCII file containing grid points of Cascadia P- and S-wave velocity models. The model volume was developed to include the Cascadia subduction zone for purposes of ground motion simulation. The description of the model and background of its development is provided in the associated Open-File Report. The grid points are given in Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Zone 10 North coordinates for East and North locations, and the grid point depths are given in meters below mean sea level. Grid point spacing is 500 meters in each ordinal direction. The model region extends approximately from 40.2N to 50N latitude, and approximately from 122W to 129W longitude. The maximum depth of the model region is 60,000 meters. The ASCII file is stored in the zip compression file format. When uncompressed, the ASCII file is just under 18 gigabytes in size.