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Data Release for The Hydraulic-Parameter Database and Integrated Borehole Analyses, Pahute Mesa and Vicinity, Nevada

September 14, 2018

This data release consists of a ZIP file that includes: two Excel workbooks, detailed metadata files, and data directories. The Hydraulic Properties Database (HPD; Table-of-AQtests.xlsm) is an interactive Excel workbook that catalogues single-well, aquifer-test results at Pahute Mesa and vicinity. Results from 1,459 single-well, aquifer-test analyses are uniquely identified to 360 tested wells. The Integrated Borehole Workbook (Borehole_Index_PM.xlsm) is an interactive Excel workbook that presents integrated results from slug tests and pumping aquifer tests that took place in 17 boreholes in Pahute Mesa and vicinity from 1962 to 2013. The Metadata folder has detailed metadata.xml files for both Excel workbooks. Directories labeled USGS, NavarroPDF, or NavarroAQT are accompanying data that both Excel workbooks access through hyperlinks and are required to be downloaded for the Excel workbooks to properly function.