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Data sets of actual evapotranspiration rates from 2000 to 2017 for basins in Florida and parts of Alabama and Georgia, calculated using the water-balance method, the bias-corrected Operational Simplified Surface Energy Balance (SSEBop) model, and the and

August 26, 2021

Annual actual evapotranspiration (ETa) rates in 55 basins in Florida and parts of Alabama and Georgia were evaluated for 2000–17 using the Operational Simplified Surface Energy Balance (SSEBop) model at about a one-square kilometer resolution (Sepúlveda, 2021). SSEBop ETa rates were bias corrected on the basis of ETa rates computed from weather observations at 24 micrometeorological evapotranspiration flux (MEF) stations, stratified by land-use type and referred to as mETa rates. Uncorrected and bias-corrected SSEBop ETa rates were evaluated by comparison with independent estimates based on a crop-coefficient method for generalized land-use types (luETa) and a water-balance method for each basin (wbETa). Average annual estimates of SSEBop ETa (uncorrected and bias-corrected) and differences (residuals) from average annual estimates based on luETa rates and wbETa rates for each of the 55 basins are provided by each of the five Florida Water Management Districts and by the Tampa Bay Water regional utility.