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Data from simulations of ecological and hydrologic response to climate change scenarios at Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota, 1901-2050

December 11, 2017

This data release contains data discussed in its larger work citation (Symstad et al., 2017, Climate Risk Management 17:78-91, Associated Item at right). "ClimateComparisonData.csv" contains summary metrics of six climate projections used as climate input for quantitative simulations of hydrologic and ecological responses to climate change at Wind Cave National Park (WCNP) and the same summary metrics for 38 other climate projections available at the time that these simulations were done. "HydroData.csv" contains mean annual streamflow of a stream in WCNP and mean annual hydraulic head of a subterranean lake in Wind Cave as simulated by the rainfall-response aquifer and watershed flow (RRAWFLOW) model for two climate projections in the climate dataset. The remaining files contain aboveground live forest carbon, frequency of high-fire-danger days, and annual grass production as simulated by the dynamic vegetation model MC1 parameterized for WCNP for combinations of four climate projections in the climate dataset with a variety of management alternatives.