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Documentation of VS2DH Seepage Models: Surface Infiltration and Unsaturated Zone Characterization in Support of Managed Aquifer Recharge, Washoe County, Nevada

February 14, 2022

Two-dimensional variably saturated heat and flow models (VS2DH) were used to examine seepage rates along the Birdspring drainage for the purpose of exploring the drainage channel for use in an managed aquifer recharge project. Six transect models were separately calibrated to sediment temperatures observed during episodic runoff events during water year 2017 and 2018. The models were calibrated to unsteady flow conditions, then estimates of seepage losses were made for steady state conditions assuming stage conditions associated with 4 cubic feet per second of imported water. This USGS data release contains all of the input and output files for the simulations described in the associated model documentation report (larger work).