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Genetic Data from Wolverine (Gulo gulo) of North America

April 21, 2021

These data are comprised of two tables, one table containing wolverine (Gulo gulo) sample and genetic information for 20 microsatellite loci (Gg10-1, Gg25, Gg37-2, Gg42-1, Gg192-1, Gg443, Gg452, Gg454, Gg465, Gg471, Gg473, Gg-3-1, Gg-4, Gg-7-1, Ggu_216-1, Lut604, Ma-3-1, Mvis075, Tt-1, and Tt-4) and genetic sex determination results from North America and one Russian wolverine. All samples were obtained from collections at the University of Alaska Museum of the North or the University of New Mexico's Museum of Southwestern Biology. The second table provides complete primer information for the genetic markers since several were redesigned from their originally-published sequences for this study.