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Land cover, discharge, terrestrial litterfall, organic matter, and nutrient concentrations of headwater streams in Mato Grosso, Brazil

September 2, 2021

These data were collected as part of a study headwater streams of the lowland Brazilian Amazon to assess the effects of land use change on organic matter dynamics (OM), ecosystem metabolism, and nutrient concentrations and uptake (nitrate and phosphate) in 11 first order streams draining forested (n=4) or cropland (n=7) water-sheds with intact riparian forests. Data included here are from 10 streams, were collected from 2015-2018, and are associated with the publication “Land use change influences ecosystem function of headwater streams of the lowland Amazon Basin”. The full dataset is comprised of five individual datasets: land cover and physical characteristics of all streams included in the study; monthly terrestrial litterfall biomass and chemistry; monthly leaf area index (LAI) measurements; monthly stream dissolved nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations; and seasonal measurements of benthic organic matter biomass and chemistry. Ecosystem metabolism and nutrient uptake data can be obtained from tables in the published manuscript.