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Polar Bear Microsatellite Data Southern Beaufort Sea 2010-2013

February 10, 2020

This data set provides Polar Bear microsatellite genotypes derived from twenty loci (G1A, G10B, G10C, CXX110, G1D, G10H, G10J, G10L, G10M, MSUT2, MU59, G10P, 145P07, CPH9, CXX20, MU50, MU51, G10X, CXX173, G10U). Samples for microsatellite genetic analysis were collected from polar bears from the southern Beaufort Sea during the spring and fall, 2010-2013. Tissue samples were collected from captured bears, biopsy darts, and barbed-wire hair-snags. Genetic identification of individuals was used to determine and compare the relatedness of bears that used land during summer and fall to those bears that remained on the sea ice.

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