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Predicted carnivore conservation hotspots in Peninsular Malaysia

April 5, 2018

A raster surface identifying hotspots of conservation priority based on 375 location records (89 unique geographic locations) of 28 species of Carnivora in Peninsular Malaysia. Hotspot analysis was conducted by calculating the Getis-Ord Gi* (pronounced G-i-star) statistic, using IUCN Red List status rank for each species as a weighting variable. Raster cell values represent a kernel density of z-scores measuring the statistical significance of clustering or dispersion of species of conservation concern. Areas of high clustering (high z-scores) correspond to areas on Peninsular Malaysia where carnivore communities of conservation concern are more likely to persist, and delineate priority regions for carnivore conservation. Two identified carnivore hotspots are spatially concordant with two of the peninsulas largest and most contiguous forest complexes (Taman Negara National Park and Royal Belum State Park). A cold spot occurs in the southwestern region of the Peninsula.

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