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Scoter (Melanitta sp.) ddRAD SNP and Microsatellite Genetic Data, North America and Europe, 1977-2012

July 10, 2020

This data set contains sampling information, allele sizes of 11 microsatellite loci, and Genbank accession numbers of ddRAD seq results for scoters (Melanitta sp.). Microsatellite data is provided for three North American species of scoter (black scoter, M. americana n = 61; white-winged scoter, M. deglandi, n = 208 ; surf scoter, M. perspicillata, n = 145) and their European congeners (common scoter, M. nigra, n = 19; velvet scoter, M. fusca, n = 20 ). Individuals with ddRAD results include 27 black scoters, 4 common scoters, 32 surf scoters, 28 white-winged scoters, and 4 velvet scoters.