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Soil sample locations for chronic wasting disease prion surveillance in Grand Teton National Park and National Elk Refuge 2019

April 20, 2020

A total of 200 soil samples were collected in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem in Grand Teton National Park and the National Elk Refuge in July 2019 for chronic wasting disease (CWD) monitoring purposes. To collect samples from locations where ungulates are most likely to be shedding or encountering CWD, we targeted elk collar data locations, known migration routes of mule deer and elk, and areas where yearly elk supplemental feeding generally occurs on the National Elk Refuge. We sampled 10 transects in Grand Teton National Park and 10 transects in the National Elk Refuge, each 1,000 meters in length. We collected soil samples every 100 meters along the transect for a total of 10 samples per transect. Terra Core Samplers were used to collect 10 grams of surface soil at each sample location. Here we provide the transect identifier, transect name, sample point name, GPS location where each soil sample was collected, and the date when each sample was collected. Any use of trade, firm, or product names is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.