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Global Change Elementary School Lessons

Teaching Resources for Elementary School - Global Change

Photograph looking across a large body of calm water surrounded by mountains with a glacier and snow-capped peaks in distance.
Evaluating Glacier and Landscape Change

About: In this lesson, students use historical and modern photographs in Glacier National Park, Montana, to investigate how glaciers have changed over the last ~100 years. This lesson is intended for grades 6-8 with extensions for high school and is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Grades: 6-8 with extensions for high school

Topics: Climate Change, Repeat Photography, Qualitative vs. Quantitative data, Glacier Recession, Aerial Photography, Evaluating Graphic Data

Length: 3 lessons, 1 class period each
Wildfire raging through forest at night
Wildland Fire School

About: This unit is separated into three parts and introduces fire basics, explores how wildland fires affect different types of ecosystems, the three requirements needed to start and maintain a fire (the Fire Triangle), as well as the three factors that affect wildland fires (the Fire Behavior Triangle), the impacts of fire, the benefits and ecological costs of wildland fires, changes in wildland fire patterns, the relationship of wildland fire to changing climate, and possible management strategies with a focus on Indigenous Fire Stewardship.

Grades: 6-12

Topics: Fire basics, fire impacts and ecology, wildland fire in a changing climate

Length: Varies (See each lesson for more details)