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Event Support

Over the past decade, USGS has supported the response to hundreds of domestic and international disaster events.   USGS provides access to remotely sensed imagery and geospatial datasets in response to requests from agencies engaged in disaster response.  One agency may submit the initial request for support, but the imagery that becomes available on HDDS can be shared across the response community.

For more detailed information on how USGS provides remote sensing support for disaster response, see About

Current Events

The Collection Management Tool (CMT) shows the events that are currently being supported with the provision of remotely sensed imagery on HDDS. 

Not seeing an event you are supporting? New requests for collection support can be submitted through the CMT.

For further information on how to request image support for an emergency event, please contact the Emergency Response Liaison at:

Past Events

The HDDS maintains a historical collection of events that have been supported since 2004. The earlier events may not have the same level of geographically retrievable images, as not all events have been reloaded to the current system.  If you need imagery for an event that you are not able to access directly on HDDS, please contact the Emergency Response Liaison at:

To view or download imagery for past and current events, see HDDS.