Can I get a USGS scientist to review my book?

No, Federal employees are prohibited from endorsing commercial products.

Learn more: U.S. Government Ethics: Use of Title or Agency’s Name

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What does it mean when a publication is peer reviewed?

A peer-reviewed publication is also sometimes referred to as a scholarly publication. The peer-review process subjects an author's scholarly work, research, or ideas to the scrutiny of others who are experts in the same field (peers) and is considered necessary to ensure academic scientific quality. Learn more: USGS Manual: Peer Review

What is the review process for USGS scientific information products (publications)?

All USGS-authored publications (whether published internally or externally) receive a minimum of two peer reviews, a supervisory review, and final clearance by a Bureau approving official to ensure that all related USGS and Federal policies have been followed. Additional reviews might also be needed, including editorial review by the USGS Science...

How do I suggest a research project for the USGS?

Unsolicited proposals for both research and research-related awards are a valuable means for the USGS to obtain innovative methods or approaches from outside the government to accomplish our mission. In order to be considered, proposals must: Be innovative and unique Be independently derived and developed (prepared without government supervision)...

How can I sell my product to the USGS?

As an agency of the United States federal government, the USGS must follow Federal Acquisition Regulations when purchasing or leasing any type of equipment or contracting for services. We are required to use competitive sourcing. Please visit our Acquisitions and Grants website to learn about how to do business with the USGS.

Can you add a link for my website to the USGS website?

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is a bureau within the U.S. Department of the Interior. Per Department of the Interior policy , the USGS does not provide links to organizations outside the federal government unless they are official research partners of the USGS.

I have written, or am interested in writing, a lesson plan related to USGS science. Can I donate my lesson plan to the USGS?

With rare exception, the USGS does not post information or materials unless they are produced in partnership with our agency. You might be able to find a USGS scientist who is interested in working with you to develop a lesson plan, in which case it could become an official USGS product. For more information, contact our Youth and Education in...

Does the USGS have science libraries?

The USGS has the largest earth science library in the world . The Libraries Program includes central libraries in Reston, Virginia and Denver, Colorado along with small, topic-specific libraries in science centers scattered around the country. For assistance with library resources, send an email to or call 703-648-4301. Holdings...

How can I find publications of the USGS?

The USGS Publications Warehouse is an online catalog for searching all USGS publications and downloading free digital versions. USGS Libraries contain sets of all USGS publications plus many state geological survey publications. The public go in person to any USGS library to do research, but USGS library materials can only be borrowed by placing a...
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