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Does the Geographic Names Information System database contain entries for obsolete names and geographic features that no longer exist?

Yes, the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) includes features that no longer exist and names that are no longer used. If a feature no longer exists on the landscape, or the name has fallen out of use, the entry is marked “historical”. The designation “historical” has no reference to age, size, condition, extent of habitation, type of use, or any other factor. Examples of historical features include shoals that were washed away by a storm, summits leveled by mining activity, or communities inundated by the construction of a reservoir. 

There are more than 25,000 historical entries in the database. To query these in GNIS, go to Search Domestic Names, type the word "historical" (along with other words if desired) in the Name field. You can narrow the search further by selecting State, County, and/or Feature Class. Due to limitations, queries will not return more than 2,000 records. The database also contains many variant names, which are any names or spellings applied to the feature, whether today or in the past, other than the one official name. 

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