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What criteria did the Derogatory Geographic Names Task Force apply to select replacement names under Secretary’s Order 3404?

A list of five candidate names for each geographic feature was developed by the U.S. Geological Survey as directed by Secretary's Order 3404. The candidate replacement names were derived through a search of nearby named geographic features until at least five nearby names were available. The candidate replacement name will replace the derogatory modifier. For example, “Castle Creek” is the nearest named feature to “Sq___ Mesa”. The first candidate replacement name for the derogatory named feature would be “Castle Mesa.” (Please note the feature type (i.e., mesa) will not change). Proposed additional candidate names will also be accepted during the public comment period. The Derogatory Geographic Names Task Force will also prioritize for consideration any proposals for sq___ name changes that were received by the BGN before 1/24/2022 or submitted during the public comment or Tribal consultation period. Replacement names, to the extent possible, shall adhere to the Board on Geographic Names Principles, Policies and Procedures for the Domestic Names Committee