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At the end of September, the employees at the Upper Midwest Water Science Center met in Madison for the first Center-wide face to face meeting since merging in 2017.

The three-day meeting included awards presented by the Mid-Continent Regional Director Jennifer Lacey, a poster session, team meetings, team building, lightning talks, and an in-depth feedback session on UMid’s successes and areas of improvement. The opportunity for networking and connecting with employees from across the Center was a highlight of the meeting.

We also said goodbye to the retiring Center Director John Walker and Aquatic Contaminant’s Team Leader Jana Stewart. John was able to pass the leadership of the Center to the new Director, Steve Peterson, as Steve gave an overview of his vision for the future of UMid.

A large group of people pose, smiling, stand on stairs leading up to large concrete building
Upper Midwest Water Science Center employees at the Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin during the 2023 UMid face-to-face meeting.
John Walker WI WSC
Previous UMid Center Director John Walker retired at the end of September, 2023.
Smiling man with white beard standing in front of autumn tree
New UMid Center Director Steve Peterson started on October 1, 2023.
Upper Midwest Water Science Center employees discuss a topic during breakout session during a meeting.
Two scientists discuss a poster at a meeting
Hayley Olds (right) discusses poster with Steve Peterson (left).
Two scientists discuss a poster at the UMid face-to-face meeting.
Group of people standing on a terrace next to a lake looking up and smiling and waving towards camera.
Upper Midwest Water Science Center staff gather at the Union Terrace on Lake Mendota at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for post-conference networking and socializing.
UMid staff networking at the face-to-face meeting.


Two scientists present in front of a group of people, the word "icebreaker" is on screen behind them
Matt Komiskey (left) and Amanda Bell (right) conduct an icebreaker activity for staff at the face-to-face meeting.
Incoming Center Director Steve Peterson speaks to staff at the face-to-face meeting.
Man presenting trivia on projected screen in front of group of people
Steve Peterson answers a trivia question about himself at the face-to-face meeting. Did you know he studied music at University? There are many paths to joining the USGS!

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