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NHD Newsletter Monthly Quiz - Sept - Dec 2021

September 2021 (approx.)

Detailed Description

This Month's Hydro Quiz

This month’s quiz is a little more difficult as we are looking for a spring and not a river or lake. Nestled in a valley of the Ozark Mountains, this spring feeds one of the best trout fishing rivers and fisheries in Missouri. The fishery located near the spring produces over 100,000 trout per year. The spring yields over a 96 million gallons per day of fresh water at a chilly 56° degrees Fahrenheit. From 1826 to 1876, this spring also supported an iron works community with a population over 500 people.

Last Month’s Hydro Quiz 

The correct answer to last month’s quiz was Lost Creek in the Lost Creek Wilderness. Thanks to everyone who played along!


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