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NHD Newsletter Monthly Quiz - July/August 2021

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This Month’s Quiz

This perennial stream disappears and reappears nine times as it flows through a popular wilderness area. The adjacent landscape is covered with rock formations, including rounded granite dome and knobs. Today the area is notable for recreational opportunities, with many backpackers traveling through the area, but in 1892 the area was one of the last refuges of the American Bison.  

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Last Month’s Hydro Quiz Winner

Congratulations to last month’s Hydro Quiz Winner, Jen Crea, with the correct answer of Gooseberry River. Jen works for MN.IT Services at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. She has been using the NHD for 20 years to support Water Quality programs for the state of Minnesota. She primarily uses the NHD to create derived products for use in their monitoring, assessment, and listing processes, and provide updates to the NHD based on feedback from partners.

Jen also adds: The Gooseberry River is one of many streams that run to Lake Superior along the Minnesota shore. There are state parks and scenic sites all along the Shore, as it is full of scenic waterfalls, hiking and biking options, plus trout fishing. Gooseberry River State Park is one of the largest and best developed, and is a very popular place to visit. Minnesota is best known for lakes, but the streams and terrain of the Lake Superior Basin are also a beautiful natural gift.

Well done, Jen, and thanks for sharing your local knowledge!

Thanks to everyone else who played along: Roger Barlow and Mitch Bergeson.