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Sampling a patch of sea asparagus near Marrowstone Marine Field Station

Detailed Description

Photo (left to right): Dr. David Paez, Joanne Salzer, Jossline Aranda-Jackson (SEALASKA intern), and Dr. Gael Kurath sampling a patch of sea asparagus near the Western Fisheries Research Center’s Marrowstone Marine Field Station (MMFS).

Jossline spent the summer at the WFRC and was integrated into all aspects of the Fish Health (virology, microbiology, immunology, toxicology, histopathology, and physiology) and Fish Ecology (bioenergetics, food webs, artificial light at night, dam removal).

Activities involved shadowing scientists during their daily work activities and assisting with experimental set up, sampling, and break down. Additionally, the intern completed a capstone project focused on aspects of fish immunology or toxicology under the guidance of Dr. Prarthana Shankar.


Public Domain.