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Inside USGS, No. 5, Pleistocene Glaciations of Greater Yellowstone

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Dr. Kenneth Pierce studied the geology and geomorphology of the greater Yellowstone area for nearly his entire career with the U.S. Geological Survey. From 1965 to present, Dr. Pierce has mapped glacial deposits, pioneered Quaternary dating techniques, conducted research on the Yellowstone Hot Spot, studied the geothermal areas, explored the geology of archaeological sites around Yellowstone Lake, and led field trips into the Park. In this video, Dr. Pierce discusses glaciation at Yellowstone, focusing on why glaciations have occurred and differences between the extents of Pinedale and Bull Lake. Dr. Pierce also talks about his work with obsidian hydration rinds and how the study of basal shear stress helped to determine the age of the Bull Lake glaciation and led to special recognition of his efforts through the Kirk Bryan Award. 




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