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Lara Douglas

Lara joined the USGS in March 2020 as the Center Director for the Geosciences and Environmental Change Science Center. The Center uses integrated studies of geology, ecosystems, hydrology, and spatial analysis to understand the Earth's past and present changes. Broadly, the Center's work can be categorized into four central themes: climate research, geologic mapping, studies of land use and land

Lara came to USGS from the Bureau of Land Management, where she served as District Manager for the Boise District for four years.  In Boise, she oversaw fire, hazardous fuels, recreation, grazing, wildlife, cultural resources, minerals, forestry, realty, and other programs for BLM-managed lands in southwest Idaho.  Prior to that, she served at the headquarters office of the BLM as Deputy Division Chief for Legislative Affairs after five years in the Legislative Affairs and National Conservation Lands divisions.